Polk Education Pathways

Technical College Enrollment

Q: When can I apply for a post-secondary program?
Each program has deadlines for the application. Please call the school or email the contact below for information about a specific program.
Potential students can check out the school website for information about the programs offered and tuition for adult students. Traviss and Ridge are both Polk County Public Technical schools. Each school has its own application, deadlines, and required documentation.

Email Contact for Ridge Technical College: ridge@polk-fl.net
Email Contact for Traviss Technical College: travissadmissions@polk-fl.net

Q: How do I apply?
Click on the link below for the school of your choice. After acceptance, students must complete the registration process by providing additional documentation.

Q: Is there an application fee?
Yes. After acceptance, students pay a $30 non-refundable application fee.

Q: I want to come to a technical school but need financial aid. What can I do?
Students can complete the FAFSA online at https://studentaid.gov/.

Q: I was told to take an academic skills exam. How can I take the CASAS test to apply? What if my CASAS scores are not high enough?
CASAS is basic skills exit requirement for Career and Technical Programs. Students will take the exam within the first six weeks of the start of their program. The CASAS test does not keep someone from entering a program. The student must meet the requirements by the end of the program in order to receive a completion certificate.

Q: I'm still in high school and want to dual enroll. How to I apply?

High school students may apply to any dual enrollment program. Acceptance is based on program eligibility. Check out the Detailed Instructions for Career Dual Enrollment - Polk County Public Schools (polkschoolsfl.com)

Student Services Support

Student Services will assist you in selecting a program of study. An appointment is now necessary. Students are provided with information about the school’s career programs including tuition, financial aid and program length. Data on local job markets, pay scales, and limitations (if any) imposed by working conditions are also available in the Student Services Department.

If you have an additional questions, select the appointment link below for the school of your choice.


After consulting with Student Services Staff, enrollment is accomplished by completing a registration form.  It is at this time that fees and tuition are paid.  The school accepts payment in cash, VISA, MasterCard, cashier's check or money order.  Student schedule changes are permitted within the first five (5) days of the nine (9) weeks only.  This includes program changes and/or any changes to the student's schedule.


Admission Requirements

  1.   Take TABE assessment, if applicable.
  2.   Complete application in Student Services Department.
  3.   Interview with the appropriate counselor.
  4.   Register for program, apply for financial assistance and/or pay fees (counselor will provide you with admission dates and currents costs).
  5.   Some programs may require additional steps and/or a formal interview with an additional staff member for admission.

Entry Requirements:

  1.   Must be at least 16 years of age.
  2.   Have a good attendance record.
  3.   Have a good discipline record.
  4.   Taking the TABE assessment, if applicable.
  5.   Complete application in Student Services Department.
  6.   Consult with a student counselor.  All related paperwork necessary for transferring from the home high school will be explained.
  7.   Students must then transfer from their home high school and report to the technical college campus with all required paperwork.
  8.   If all admission requirements are met and space is available, a counselor will register the student for the program.
  9.   Be on target for Graduation.
  10.   All ESE students will be directed to an ESE Facilitator.